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Iranian researchers succeed in removing paint pollutants

Tehran, Iranian researchers succeeded in producing polymeric nanocomposite for the removal of paint pollutants from the environment.

Colors are one of the major pollutants of the environment in various industrial wastewater. It seems necessary to remove pollutants, due to toxic nature of most of the paints, and on the other hand their stability and resistance to chemical and biological decomposition.

Therefore, in a project titled 'Removing color pollutants from the environment by polymeric nanocomposites', Iranian researchers, with the support of the Science and Technology Assistance Fund, have been developing a new generation of polymeric nanocomposites based on acrylamide-acrylic and acrylic- acid and their ability for removing some of these pollutants.

The objectives of this project include the preparation of color absorbent polymers, the preparation of polymeric nanocomposites based on hydrogels, the ability to absorb environmental pollutants of polymers and their nanocomposites, and to study the synthetic properties of absorption of synthesized materials.

It is also used in paint industry and paint research centers, for use in such industries as textiles, carpets, agriculture, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics and paper making.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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