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Iranians stage nationwide rallies to mark anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution

In their millions, Iranians have filled the streets countrywide to relive the day 38 years ago when the nation's hard-fought Islamic Revolution against the former US-backed regime became victorious.

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On Friday morning, people from all walks of life started out the commemoration rallies in different cities and towns across Iran to celebrate the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

On, February 11, 1979, the Iranian nation's struggles and protests against the tyrannous monarchial Pahlavi regime came to fruition under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, the religious and spiritual leader who is known as the great architect of the Islamic Republic.

In the capital, Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani is set to address the demonstrators at Azadi Square, preceded by celebratory parachuting and aerobatics.

Senior officials are also joining the marches in Tehran

Source: Al Alam News Network

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