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Iranians win medals at int’l Invention Fair

Two Iranians snatched two gold and two silver medals and won the special award at the International Invention Fair called BIXPO 2018.

A total of 54 projects from 40 countries had advanced to the final stage of the fair, among which Abolfazl Vahedi (faculty member) and Arash Taheri (holder of a master degree) from Iran's University of Science and Technology managed to win four medals for their innovative initiatives.

The fair was held by South Korea's Ministry of Commerce and Industry, with the cooperation of the International Federation of Inventors and Kepco (world's biggest power company) to promote and support innovative achievements in the fields of renewable energies, environment friendly energies and electricity.

The event took place in Gwangju, South Korea on October 31st and November first.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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