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Iranophobia US strategy to exploit Arabs: Cmdr

Shahre Rey, CommanderinChief of the Islamic Republic Army Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi says that what happened in the region in the UAE and Iraq when the United States arrived in the region is not unreasonable and the aim of Iranophobia is to exploit Arabs.

'If we take a closer look at the recent developments of the region, we will find that the Iranian people are in full compliance with the principles of the revolution and, more than ever, have authority in the world,' Mousavi said on Wednesday afternoon.

'If one day the evidence of recent events is revealed, then we will find that the Saudis, along with the United States, are the main cause of recent events in the UAE and Iraq,' he said.

The commander of the army highlighted, 'The Saudis are trying to undermine the security of the UAE for punishing the UAE and getting concessions and the United States is trying to exploit the mercenary countries in the region with the policy of Iranophobia in the region.'

He added, 'The United States must know that Middle East security is preserved by the regional states, and strangers must leave the region.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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