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IranPakistan joint border meeting kicks off in Zahedan

Zahedan, The 22nd IranPakistan joint border meeting began in Iran's SistanBaluchestan provincial capital of Zahedan on Monday with the attendance of Iranian and Pakistani delegations.

The delegations are headed by the Deputy Governor General for Security and Disciplinary Affairs of Iran's SistanBaluchestan Province Mohammad Hadi Marashi and Chief Secretary of Pakistan's Balochistan Province Ahmad Nazir, respectively.

Iran and Pakistan hold a long history of friendly ties and their people have friendly and kinship relations, too, said Marashi.

The two Muslim neighboring countries have cultural, historical, and religious similarities and have many economic interests in common. Expanding ties can lead to economic and security flourishing in the southeastern parts of Iran and Pakistan's Balochistan Province, he added.

Pointing to the religious and kinship relations of the people of the area, Marashi added, Iran's SistanBaluchestan and Pakistan's Balochistan provinces cannot be separated and securing the region eases the expansion of relations.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Marashi expressed hope that the decisions made in this meeting will have positive effect in the two countries' relations.

The twoday meeting is attended by the heads of security bodies, Foreign Ministry, customs, and governors as well.

In addition to IranPakistan's 921 kilometers of joint land borders, the special geographic location of the two countries have enabled them to play critical role in the region's security.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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