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Iranphobia has no buyer in int’l politics market: Ambassador

Beijing, Iran's ambassador to China believes that the policy of showing Iran as threat by some countries is futile, emphasizing that the Iranphobia project has no buyer in international politics market.

Mohammad Keshvarzzadeh, recalling that some countries, having relied on showing Iran as threat for many years, tried to advance their policies and made the nuclear issue an excuse to justify such actions, stated, But Tehran's conduct against unilateralism and antiIranian measures have challenged the frightening face of the country and now Iranphobia has no buyer in int'l politics' market."

At the Conference of "Middle East in Transition and the Necessities of Regulating Foreign Policy with Current Transitions at Beijing International Studies University, the Iranian diplomat said, "What distinguishes the Middle East now from the past is the deep crisis that has engulfed many countries. Insecurity, instability and security threats have put serious dangers against the foundations of society, culture and civilization of many of the countries of the region.

He added that the scope of rational action and behavior based on internationally recognized rules is not limited to behavior and relations with great powers, but is a comprehensive and inclusive approach. This approach is not just a simple choice among multiple options, but because of the identification of this fact that the world today is different from the past.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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