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Iran’s 1st Nanofiber production launched in South Korea

Iran launched its first nanofiber production line in South Korea enabling the country to send its nano-products to 17 countries of the world.

(FNA) — The nanofiber production line has been designed by an Iranian knowledge-based company in South Korea.

Iranian companies are entering domestic and international markets by designing and manufacturing nanotech products so that now Iran exports nanotech products to 17 countries.

Iran hosted a conference on nanotechnology and nanomedicine in early May.

Alborz province, near Tehran, held nanotechnology and nanomedicine conference on May 2-3, 2017, Inter-Islamic Nanotechnology Network (INN) website reported.

The two-day nanotechnology conference provided the nanomedicine and nano-biotechnology researchers present their new achievements to industry owners in order to improve the quality of the existing products and develop new ones.

The INN also held the International Conference/Workshop on Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine (NTMN 2017) in early May.

20 researchers from Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) and ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) and foreign countries will attend the conference.

Source: Al-Alam News Network

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