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Iran’s ambassador to Seoul hopes for expansion of ties

Iran’s Ambassador to South Korea Saeid Badamchi Shabestari on Wednesday referred to recent problems and limitation in Tehran-Seoul relations, and hoped the coincidence of 43rd anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory with new Korean lunar year be a good open for bilateral ties to expand.

In a statement on celebrating Islamic Revolution anniversary, Shabestari said that Iran, with special strategic position and great natural and human sources as well as great market, has a good capacity to expand economic and trading cooperation with different countries in various fields.

He underlined that despite conspiracies and hurdles made by the foes during the 8-year imposed war and following sanctions and economic terrorism against Iranian nation, Iran has gained various achievements in economy, science and technology.

Self-sufficiency in agricultural and industrial products, nanotechnology, peaceful nuclear energy and other fields are among these achievements according to Shabestari.

The diplomat also underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran has played a unique role in providing stability and security for the region and the world with heroic sacrifice in the frontline of the fight against terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking.

Iran’s Ambassador to Seoul also commemorated the late General Qasem Soleimani who was martyred by US terrorist military last year.




Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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