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Iran’s army displays new achievements

Tehran, Iranian Army's Ground Force unveiled some of its new achievements here on Monday.

The unveiling ceremony was held with the attendance of Deputy Commander of the Islamic Republic Army for Coordination Affairs Admiral Habibullah Sayyari and Commander of Army Ground Force Brigadier General Kiumars Heidari.

Addressing the ceremony, Sayyari emphasized boosting Iran power, saying Iranian forces could manufacture important defensive achievements and increase power of the country.

Earlier on the occasion of Army Day, Iran army unveiled six new weapons, including three drones: a smart multirotor bomber, a drone fighter to counter micro drones; a smart multirotor bomber (with a 5km range, 8 launchers, up to 30 minutes flights continuity, able to carry 8kg of cargo), and an antidrone net launcher (with a 20m range, and equipped with two launchers).

The Army also put on display an atomic plasma spectrometer (able to be mounted on UAVs, quadcopters, vehicles and military equipment); a smart ground pod (able to discover human targets 15m and a vehicle 50m away, equipped with a friend or foe (IFF) identification system), and a portable laser alarm system (with a 15km range and 3 sensors).

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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