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Iran’s defense hardware produced domestically

Yazd, The Deputy defense minister said on Thursday that all defense hardware needed by the Islamic Republic of Iran are produced inside the country with no dependence on foreign states.

In a meeting with Yazd Friday Prayer Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nasseri-Yazdi late Thursday, Brigadier general Saeed Sha'banian added, We are able to meet the country's defense needs through reliance on local capacities.

Referring to the eight-year Sacred Defense, he added, At that time, no country was ready to sell Iran even barbed wire but today, we are among successful countries in the defense sector.

Some 5,000 industrial and knowledge-based companies are currently cooperating with Defense Ministry, he said, noting that the companies are producing defense equipment ordered by the ministry.

Sha'banian further noted that Iran is in such a position to meet demands of other countries.

Ayatollah Naseri, for his part, said that that's for the efforts of the pious youth that Iran has achieved self-sufficiency in the field of defense industry.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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