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Iran’s development today the result of unity among all ethnic groups, minorities/ Opening major projects decisive response to those who think Iranian nation yields to them under pressure/ Pressures may make situation tough, but Iranian nation won’t yield to bullies

President described Iran's current development the result of unity among all ethnic groups and minorities, saying, Opening of major projects is our decisive response to those who think that the Iranian nation yields to them under pressure.

Speaking on Tuesday at the opening ceremony of water and soil resources development projects in West Azerbaijan Province, President Hassan Rouhani said, Pressures may make situation tough for us, but the Iranian nation will not yield to bullies.

The power of the Iranian nation is so much that the enemies regret threatening our great Iran and have to announce that they are not seeking a war with Iran, he said.

The President added, When the White House announces that the Iranian nation need to be afraid of us, it is a matter of only a few hours when the President of the United States, under the pressure of the Pentagon, apologises, saying that they are not intended to invade Iran. This indicates the power of our nation.

He continued, The brave, united, integrated, and pious Iranian nation have always stood against the enemies and this is obvious every day, especially during Ramadan.

Stating that the conspiracies of the enemies have created problems for the people, he said, But these pressures cannot overwhelm the Iranian nation and they will not yield to bullies despite all problems they have.

Opening major projects decisive response to those who think Iranian nation yields to them under pressure, continued Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani went on to appreciate all those who have worked to make the projects happen, saying, Today, two dams and important projects in the field of trenching and irrigation were opened that can have a very important role in the development of this province.

He said, West Azerbaijan Province has showed a lot of sacrifice in defending the country during the Sacred Defence era and after in development of the country.

Stating that the steps that are being taken today for the development of the country are more important than the past, he said, Today, we are under sanctions, and the newcomers to the politics think that they can overpower the greatness of the Iranian nation. Working on the path of development is our decisive response to the White House that we work for our country's development and prosperity even under sanctions.

These openings are a decisive, clear response to those who think that they can overwhelm the Iranian nation, but Iranians are always standing, said the President.

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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