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Iran’s embassy in Athens supports children with cancer

Athens, The embassy of Iran set up a booth at the 12th international market in Athens, Greece to support orphans and children with cancer.

The event is held annually with charity groups and a number of foreign embassies in Greece taking part in it, and Iran's embassy partook in it for the second time.

Iran's pavilion which offered carpets, rugs, handicrafts and Iranian cuisine was widely welcomed by visitors.

In addition to taking part in the humanitarian act of supporting children with cancer, Iran's embassy presented the Iranian culture and civilization.

Through selling items, the nonprofit organization responsible for setting up the market takes care of orphans and children suffering from cancer throughout the year.

The international charity event in which a significant number of foreign embassies and domestic volunteer groups took part was held for two days on Sunday and Monday.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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