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Iran’s EU policy collaborative: Envoy

Tehran, Iran's policies toward the European Union are collaborative and bilateral relations are increasing, said Iranian envoy in Venezuela.

'We are ready to cooperate with all the parties for political stability. In line with the policy, Iran has tried to have good relations with the EU,' said Mostafa Alaee speaking to Brujul Internacional program of Globovision TV channel.

'Latin America is one of our ends; in the framework of South-South cooperation, and we are expanding our ties with the Latin American countries, including Venezuela.'

He also said that in Latin America, many people think Iran is an Arab country, whereas it is not the case. 'Iran has a separate language which is the oldest modern language in the world and also seven thousand years of civilization.'

Alaee also touched the fact that Iran has a stabilizing role in the region.

Speaking about the Islamic Revolution that happened in Iran in 1979, he said the revolution was very effective both in the region and the world. 'Its most important aspect was the fact that it removed a dependent regime.'

After the revolution, he added, the share of oil in Iranian economy became smaller and now only 30% of the countries income comes from selling oil.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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