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Iran’s export index up by %13.5

Qom, Iran's nonoil exports index raised by 13.5 percent over the past eight months to November 21 compared to the figure for the corresponding period last year, said head of Iran Trade Development Organization.

Addressing a group of businesspersons on Thursday, Mohammad Reza Modoudi said despite all economic problems, Iran's export index was positive, as it has exceeded 30 billion dollars, thus the trade balance being positive.

Restricting exports is a threat and we should engage all the people in trade and economic activities, as it was in wartime, he said.

We are currently experiencing a fullfledged war in modern style, countering which requires popular economy, he said, noting that private sector should have active presence alongside the government in the field of production and trade.

Mutual confidence between the government and private sector is the only way to circumvent sanctions, he said, noting that popular economy will make sanctions ineffective.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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