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Iran’s first Specialized Electricity Exhibition opens in Baghdad

Baghdad, Iran's First Specialized Electricity and Related Industries Exhibition was opened at the Permanent Center for Iranian Commodities at the venue of Baghdad International Exhibitions of the Iraqi capital.

Specialized Exhibition of Electrical and Related Industries started on Monday at the presence of Iraj Masjedi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Levi AlKhatib, Iraq's Minister of Electricity, and a number of Iranian and Iraqi activists in the industrial sector.

Iranian official at the opening ceremony of the exhibition cited it as an important step for Iran's further engagement with Iraq.

The ambassador noted, 'We are striving to expand the activities of the Iranian companies in the Iraqi market in various sectors of the industry, and to export electricity and equipment to the electricity industry.'

The Iraqi Minister of Electricity, who recently visited Iran, for his part, in his remarks at the ceremony called Iranian companies as powerful companies and welcomed the exhibition.

AlKhatib made the remark, 'In many projects related to the repair and reconstruction of the network, the supply of parts and the construction of power plants, especially the transmission and distribution network we will use facilities and capabilities of Iranian companies.'

The Iraqi Minister of Electricity emphasized that the use of experiences of Iranian companies in the electricity industry and imports of electricity from this country will continue until selfsufficiency in the interior and Baghdad's resolve is serious in this regard.

The Specialized Exhibition of Electrical and Related Industries of Iran for one week, with the participation of 20 companies from the leading Iranian exporters and manufacturers in the space of 380 square meters, is introducing the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of electric power.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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