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Iran’s legal measure to deal with UK violations of maritime regulations

Tehran, The seizure of British tanker Stena Impero by the IRGC forces in the Strait of Hormuz has been given special attention by domestic media due to noncompliance with international rules and regulations.

Diplomatic confrontation between Tehran and London over the seizure of oil tanker carrying Iranian oil in Gibraltar, this time with the seizure of a British tanker in the waters of the Strait of Hormuz found a new dimension. On Friday night, a British tanker called Stena Impero was seized in the Strait of Hormuz. At the same time, some reports suggested that another tanker called Masdar with the flag of Liberia, owned by Britain, in the Persian Gulf was redirected to the port of Lengeh of Iran, but the news was denied in the early hours, and it was announced that the tanker was continuing its heading towards Saudi Arabia.

According to Allah Morad Afifipour, Director General of Hormuzgan Ports and Maritime Organization, after receiving reports of violations of international maritime law and the lack of compliance and response from the tanker to made calls, the British tanker in coordination with the IRGC Navy was led to the harbor in Bandar Abbas to carefully examine the various dimensions of the accident by the experts of the ports and maritime organization of Hormuzgan.

The reformist media in their reports assessed Iran's seizure of the British tanker in response to the seizure of oil tanker Grace 1 and the consequence of British's illegal measure. The media spectrum paid attention to telephone call between foreign ministers of Iran and the UK, remarks by the British deputy of Secretary of Defense for the seizure of British oil tanker, the request of the owner of the seized British tanker to meet the crew of the ship and Iran's strategy against British actions.

The conservative media also considered the seizure of British oil tankers as a reciprocal response by our country visavis the illegal seizure of a tanker carrying Iranian oil in the Gibraltar Strait and referred to three violations of British oil tanker of the maritime regulations, ignoring the legal right of Iran to reciprocate.

On the other hand, the media outlets of this political spectrum have addressed other issues such as Britain's confusion over Iran's action, the lack of US alignment with Britain during the seizure of the British ship, the reasons for the seizure of British tanker and the release of audio files for the British tanker seizure operations.

Some of the key terms in the media related to the reformist media on this issue are, Our action is in the level of international missions that is legal and is our right; Iran's action was on the basis of the request of the Ports and Maritime Organization regarding the violation of the provisions by British ship Grace 1 has no maritime violations, and the owner, flag, and charterer, and their cargo and documents, have no defects; if the case is to seize ships, then each of these important straits will become the venue for widespread disputes.

Alireza Akbari, a senior expert on strategic issues regarding the seizure of Grace1 oil tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar and Iran's strategy against British actions, said to Khabar Online, Naturally, the strongest action is legal followup. The political and clarifying actions for public opinion and increased field preparation in the field of action are also complementary to the legal arena. Some suspicious sources of news, in the first hours of the ship's seizure, tried to create a barrage of fake news on illegal cargo for the ship, but they did not succeed. Grace 1 does not have any maritime violations, and the owner, flag, and charterer and cargo and its documents have no defect. Iran has the right to claim all damages resulting from the seizure, stopping and demurrage of the ship from the cause of the seizure. The charter and the owner of the cargo must have followed the legal proceeding through the relevant ports and the ship's insurer. But, more importantly than this ship is a procedure and an approach that may continue.

Some of the terms used in the media related to conservative political spectrum include, The fears made by Western political circles and some of the domestic currents about the consequences of Iran's counteraction and the possible reaction of Britain and the United States; the seizure of British oil tankers is a reciprocal action and Iran's retaliatory response to the illegal seizure of tanker carrying Iranian oil in the Gibraltar Strait; the news media have interpreted Iran's actions as an act of retaliation against British action in seizing the tanker in the Gibraltar Strait, an issue that the Iranian authorities did not approve and announced the reason for seizing the tanker that it has not respected the rules; Britain is facing a tough job in persuading other countries against Iran because of action taken against the tanker in Gibraltar.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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