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Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence arrests Swedish nat’l on spying charges

Tehran, IRNA – Iran's intelligence and security forces have identified and arrested a Swedish citizen on espionage charges, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence announced.

The detained Swedish national, in multiple previous trips to Iran, has had contact with several European and non-European suspects who were under surveillance in the country, Iran's Ministry of Intelligence noted in a statement.

It added that the unidentified person was in contact with other European and non-European suspects in the country and had traveled to the territories occupied by the Zionist regime.

A few months ago, following the arrest of another European spy, he re-entered the country to find out how to reveal the identity of that spy, it highlighted.

The statement added that the detainee was arrested by the Iranian security forces while leaving the country.

Iran's Ministry of Intelligence also warned the states that send spies to Iran that they will receive a relevant response if they continue their attempts.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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