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Iran’s missile attack shows authority: Russian analyst

Moscow, Iran has continuously fought terrorism and is considered a great player in field, the head of the Russian Academy for Geopolitical Problems told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

'Avenging itself less than a week after the terror attack [on Ahvaz, southwestern Iran] shows that Iran will never back down,' said Leonid Ivashov.

Ivashov said, 'From now on, terrorists will think twice to attack Iran.'

'Iran can be a role model for West Asia in fighting terrorism because some countries claim they are countering terrorism, but they covertly, or even overtly, help terror groups.'

The retired top military official said, 'We see that some Arab countries of the Persian Gulf support the terrorist groups financially and militarily.'

Ivashov said the terrorists aim at weakening and toppling the central government of Syria.

The Iran-Russia cooperation to fight terrorists in the region was fruitful and today, terrorist groups are failed in Syria and Iraq, Ivashov said.

'There is no doubt that the terrorists will be annihilated in Idlib, their last foothold, and Syria will be in peace after being subject to terrorists' blooding attacks for years.'

He believed that the cooperation between Iran and Russian will not finish in Syria and will continue to expand to account for major portion of the structure to guarantee security in the region.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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