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Iran’s missile program defensive: Spox

Tehran, Iran's missile program is defensive and the French and the British foreign ministers' concerns about the issue are groundless, said the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

'As said many times before, based on the military doctrine and the valuable experience gained during Iran-Iraq War and generous support of the Iraqi dictator [Saddam Hussein] by some countries, Iran has devised its missile programs to defend the country and deter any further invasion, which is totally in accordance with international rules,' said Bahram Qasemi.

'Iran won't allow any countries' interference with the issue,' Qasemi said, Iran considers such stances 'irresponsible and ambiguous' and categorically rejects them.

Regarding the claims that Iran has been providing Yemeni government with missiles, he also said that these claims are 'baseless and undocumented' and have been repeatedly answered.

'The Yemeni Army and popular forces don't need any weaponry assistance from abroad; what has resulted in the defeat of the invaders is actually defense of the Yemeni people from their own country with minimal equipment.'

Everyone and these countries know that considering the severe siege on Yemeni people, famine, and chronic diseases, resistance against the invasions, and Saudis' daily bombardment, the Yemenis can't even have the most basic needs and medicine, he added.

Sending missiles to Yemen is 'a childish, armature and fake scenario that cannot help the invaders be purified from their crimes,' the spokesman said.

Qasemi urged the Americans and the Europeans to stop selling weaponry to Saudi Arabia and other belligerent invaders.

'With the gifted or sold weapons, several Yemeni men, women and children lose their lives and fell death, poverty and insecurity more than before,' he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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