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Iran’s Naval Fleet docks in Karachi with friendship message

Karachi port, The 57th Naval flotilla of the Strategic Naval of Iran, comprising three naval ships, docked in the Pakistani port of Karachi with a message of 'friendship and goodwill'.

A group of senior Pakistani naval commanders, the Iranian Consulate General in Karachi Ahmed Mohammadi, the assistant consulate general of the consulate and a group of Iranian Consulate General's staff in Karachi attended the port, welcoming the Iranian navy.

The navy includes the Bushehr carrier carrying a navy military helicopter, a 'spear' carrier, and a 'knuckle' carrier.

The 57rd Navy commander in Karachi, announced that the naval group carries the 'peace and friendship' message of the Iranian government and nation to Pakistan, and this is a custom and customary agreement between the navy of the countries of the world.

The captain, Amir Hosseini Arrani, described the main purpose of the trip to demonstrate 'the strength, and capability of the Islamic Republic of Iran', and said, 'These missions are carried out by the Supreme Leader's orders and the joint exercises between the two countries of Iran and Pakistan.'

He added that, in addition to the tradition of the international customs, we are moving towards deepening of relations with our neighboring countries and it is also planned to conduct a joint reconnaissance and rescue operation in Pakistani coastal waters.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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