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Iran’s policy in region cooperation based on peace, development

Tehran, Iran's Interior Minister said that the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region is coherent cooperation based on justice, peace and development, and fully prepared to expand these relations with all countries of the region.

Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said on Monday at the meeting of Interior Minister of Azerbaijan Ramil Usubov that the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Supreme Leader and and President of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to expand cooperation with neighboring countries, and stated, We believe that, given the capacity and resources available in the region, we can contribute to peace, development and improvement of the people's lives.'

We believe that the issues of the region should be solved by the countries of the region and we do not consider interference of other countries in the region as appropriate because they will never have any time played role in the favor of our interest, he stressed, adding that 'our efforts to improve and strengthen our relations with Azerbaijan are in line with the establishment of security and peace'. Wherever they enterd they didn't harvest, just war and poverty for the people, as you can see, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen the situation is the same.

The head of the Security Council of Iran said, Muslim peoples in their region have full awareness and understanding to solve their own problems, even if there is a difference, these countries must resolve it, so no one from around the world is looking for our interests.

Minister of Interior of Republic of Azerbaijan, Ramil Usubov, said that the two countries' relations in the course of your management have accelerated more than before, adding, Organized assassinations, drug trafficking and human beings are among the heaviest crimes that have spread to the world. Meanwhile, Iran has taken good measures to deal with these crimes.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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