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Iran’s presence in Syria, Iraq according to their will

Damascus, July 20, Iran's presence in Iraq and Syria is upon the request of the legitimate governments of those countries and does not mean any intervention in their internal affairs, says the Iranian ambassador to Jordan on Thursday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran's presence, at any level or any period of time, is based upon bilateral security agreements and the Syrian and Iraqi governments' official invitation, so not only it is considered an intervention, but it also is a legal action, said Mojtaba Ferdowsipour, the Iranian envoy to Jordan in a talk with a Jordanian TV Channel.

Ferdowsipour said Iran is playing an active role to solve and settle regional crises with diplomatic and peaceful approach and said, Trying to solve the Syrian crisis through the course of Astana and Geneva talks is an example of the Islamic Republic of Iran role-playing in regional and international arenas.

The Iranian envoy in Amman called for a comprehensive international effort to fight against terrorism and extremism.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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