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Iran’s president sends letter to kings of Bahrain, KSA: Gov’t spox

Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said in his weekly press conference on Monday that the Islamic Republic of Iran always looking for peace and stability in the region and to the same reason President Hassan Rouhani has sent two letters to the kings of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Ali Rabiei said that multilateral relations can be created in the region. Iran has a lot of economic and customs interactions with the countries in the region, and the pressures from the US should not drive apart the neighbors sharing common cultural and religious bonds.

Rabiei said Iran has repeatedly announced that the region needs collective cooperation for peace.

He added trans-regional powers, such as the US follow their own interests in the region and they will leave the region if their interests are not met.

They even did not show mercy to the Kurds. When they had no interests, they abandoned them and left them alone against their enemy.

Iran believes that potential market in the region is big enough to keep the economies of the countries active and dynamic, Rabiei said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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