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Iran’s Security Forces Kill ISIS Commander along Border: Minister of Intelligence

Iran's Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi confirms that a ringleader of the ISIS terrorist group has been killed by Iranian security forces in the country's border areas.

This individual, named Abu Aisha al-Kurdi, was killed along with a number of other [would-be] bombers along the country's border, Alavi said on Monday.

He added that the Daesh ringleader had sought to sneak into the Iranian capital of Tehran to carry out acts of terror and sabotage.

Some media reports had announced late September that Iranian security forces had killed Abu Aisha some time ago in a complex and massive operation in one of the border cities of the western Iranian province of Kermanshah.

The Iranian intelligence minister further stressed the importance of safeguarding security in the country and said Iran's security forces have foiled every bombing plot in Tehran and confiscated huge amounts of explosives from terrorists.

He added that Iranian security forces have also succeeded in identifying and arresting many terrorists and thwarted their plots to undermine national security.

The Islamic establishment has many enemies across its borders who seek to wreck our security, Alavi said.

Iranian forces have been engaged in clashes with terror groups, thwarting their terrorist activities on the border and within the country, arresting several of them, and confiscating large amounts of explosives and bomb-making materials.

Back in August, the Iranian intelligence minister said the security forces have killed a senior spy working for foreign intelligence services to destabilize the borders. He added that the agencies had set up 12 teams and paid USD 500,000 for every operation, USD 3,000 to each member per month and USD 10,000 to the families of a person killed.

Iran's Deputy interior minister for security affairs, Hossein Zolfaqari, also said on November 22 that the Intelligence Ministry has busted a terrorist team in the eastern parts of the country, Press TV reported.

Source: Al Alam

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