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Iran’s stability, security facing many enemies

Tehran, Iran's former foreign minister said that Iran's security is remarkable in the region and therefore had its own enemies.

Speaking on the sidelines of the 'Peace and Stability Conference in West Asia; a region, a fate', Kamal Kharrazi, also head of Iran's Strategic Council of Foreign Relations asked by IRNA about the reasons behind terrorist attacks, including the recent attack in Chabahar, said, 'Some people are trying to make the region insecure and while the security of Iran is remarkable so there are enemies and aliens interacting to make this security a problem.

The chairman of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations noted, Among those attempts are these terrorist acts that take place in different places, but it is subterfuge efforts. People, warriors and intelligence forces are on the scene. Due to the presence of the people and the security stability that has prevailed in the country, it will not be a big event.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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