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IranTurkey cooperation vital for region’s stability, security: President Rouhani

During the telephone conversation, the Iranian and Turkish presidents described the relations and cooperation between two countries in different sectors as positive, growing and strategic.

The two presidents underscored the will and determination of the authorities of both countries to use the existing capacities and capabilities in the direction of development, consolidation and deepening of the ties between two countries.

In this call stressed, President Rouhani underlined the will of Tehran for economic cooperation between the two countries and the use of the national currency of the two countries.

He expressed regret on the continued bloodshed and killing of people in regions like Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan, saying, "Iran and Turkey can end this unfortunate and dangerous process, and settle the issues and the problems of the region and the Muslim world well."

The president also emphasized the need for the development of cooperation between Iran and Turkey in combating terrorism in the region and strengthening security at the common borders of the two countries.

Erdogan, for his part, said Iran and Turkey are two friends and brothers in the region, and development of their relations will be beneficial for the region.

The President of Turkey emphasized the need for the expansion of TehranAnkara allout relations and cooperation in various sectors, especially commercial and economic, and the use of national currency in trade exchanges.

Referring to the issues facing the region and the world of Islam, Erdogan added, "Iran and Turkey can play a greater role by expanding their engagement and cooperation in the development of regional stability and security and counterterrorism."

He also considered the US sanctions against the Iranian nation as unilateral and outrageous and went on to say, "We will never accept these cruel sanctions and seek to increase our friendships and cooperation with Iran."

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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