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Iraq calls for longer exemptions from US sanctions on Iran energy sector

Baghdad, Iraq's parliament speaker hoped that the United States will keep waiving sanctions on energy purchases from Iran, and said his country will need to import electricity from its neighbor for three years, according to a report by France24.

President Donald Trump's administration has sought to cut off all exports from Iran, but has twice granted threemonth exemptions to Iraq, upon requests by the country.

'Hopefully this waiver will be extended until Iraq can stand on its feet economically,' Speaker Mohammed alHalbusi said at the US Institute of Peace Friday on a visit to Washington, where he met leaders, including Vice President Mike Pence.

Halbusi said Iraq imported 30 percent of its power and needed about three years to develop its own capacity.

'After these three years, maybe we can see Iraq as economically independent and we won't need to import power or electricity from a foreign country. Maybe we can address this issue after three years,' he said.

Speaking afterwards to reporters, Halbusi warned the United States of the negative effect of 'any hasty, uncalculated step to adopt policies and procedures against countries in this region'.

Trump last year exited a multilateral agreement with Iran over its nuclear program and reimposed unilateral sanctions over the country including sanctions on its energy sector.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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