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Iraq opens ChazabehSheib border crossing with Iran

Baghdad, Iraq opened ChazabehSheib border crossing with Iran which has been blocked on April 6 to prevent outbreak of heavy floods which might hit the region.

Iraq's Interior Ministry's border affairs department declared on Monday that ChazabehSheib border crossing between Iran and Iraq has been opened.

ChazabehSheib border crossing region will get ready for exchange of goods, passengers and pilgrims in the coming days.

Iraq declared on April 6 that exchange of goods, passengers and pilgrims have been temporarily halted at ChazabehSheib border crossing region until further notice.

Iraq said that this has been done based on a request by the Iranian side calling for adopting preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of the flood in that region.

Torrential storms and floods hit various provinces along IranIraq joint borders urging the two sides' officials to take preventive measures to alleviate the destructive consequences.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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