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Iraq seeking exemption from anti-Iran sanctions

Baghdad, Iraqi Ministry of Electricity spares no effort to be exempted from the US sanctions against Iran in exchanging energy, Iraqi deputy minister said.

Speaking in an interview with 'Al-Sabah' newspaper, Abdul Hamza Hadi Aboud, Deputy Electricity Minister said there is an agreement between Iran and Iraq for importing 1200 MW power.

But during the summer, three networks were disconnected and 300 MW electricity are now being exported to Iraq, he said.

Iran and Iraq also reached agreement on importing gas in central and southern part of Iraq, he said, adding that 750 million cubic meters of gas are imported per day.

Iraqi officials had earlier announced that due to neighborliness and also importance of ties between two countries, they just make operational US unilateral sanctions against Iran in dollar exchange level.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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