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Iraq stresses negotiated settlement of PakistanIndia issues

Islamabad, Leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Hamam Hamoudi stressed the need for resolving issues between Pakistan and India through talks, especially the Kashmir issue, an official statement said.

Hamoudi said this while talking to media after a meeting with President of Pakistani Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan in Muzaffarabad on Tuesday.

Iraqi leader is currently on a visit to Pakistan, heading a fivemember parliamentary delegation.

Exhorting the need for talks between Pakistan and India for the resolution of all issues, including Kashmir, Hamoudi said that durable peace was inevitable for development, prosperity and stability of the region.

Leader of the Iraqi parliamentary delegation said that his government was desirous of bilateral cooperation with Pakistan in different sectors, including education, health and energy.

Earlier, Hamoudi had met Syed Fakhar Imam, Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir and Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Malik Ehsanullah Tiwana in Islamabad.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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