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Iraq to continue normal ties with Iran

Baqdad, Chairman of the Federation of Iraqi chambers of commerce reacted to cruel acts of the US against the Islamic republic of Iran, emphasizing that Iraq is doing business with Iran normally.

Speaking in an interview with Arab media, Jafar Al-Hamdani said that business activities between Iran and Iraq are underway and the recent unilateral sanctions imposed by the US against Iran have not affected the business relations between the two neighbor countries.

He emphasized that the Iraqi side has not been taking any action to limit business relations with Iran.

Alhamdani said that no directives have been issued about limiting or cessation of business relations with Iran and private sector of Iraq will obey directives from Iraqi government.

Chairman of Baghdad chamber of commerce added that there are many Iranian companies active in Iraq's market.

Taking any action that complies with the US sanctions against Iran affect the business relations between the two neighbor countries and will leave Iraq's market unstable, he added.

According to official reports, Iran's non-oil trade with Iraq is valued over $6 billion dollars.

Also, Iraq is the destination of twenty five percent of Iran's non-oil exports.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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