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Iraq urges int’l organizations to battle lagoon wildfire

Baghdad,Baghdad called on international organizations to help battle the wildfire in Iraqi part of Hoor Al-Azim.

Iraq's ministry of water in a statement asked international organization to help battle the wildfire and save its inhabitants.

The ministry said unprecedented drought, decrease in precipitation, and reduction in the volume of the water entering the lagoon have caused the fire.

Iraq has requested for controlling the situation that has affected the livelihood of the region as well as the environment.

The country has also asked for more cooperation with Iran on increasing the volume of the water entering the wetland, known as Hoor Al-Howayza in Iraq.

The statement comes more than a week after Iran's voluntary measures to contain the fire following coordination with Iraqi officials.

The fire broke out some 20 days ago in the western parts of the lagoon straddling Iran and Iraq.

The fire-prone area of the Iraqi part of Hoor Al-Azim covers an area of 150,000 hectares.

The lagoon has also been an origin of sand and dust storms since being dried up due to the low level of rivers' water.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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