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Iraqi al-Ahd TV reveals Riyadh’s involvement in Basra events

Tehran,Iraqi TV channel al-Ahd broadcasted several audio files from the Saudi intelligence agency's involvement in the recent unrest in Basra province and its connection with some elements in the security apparatus of this province.

The network has received the audio files from its own certain sources indicating that the Saudi intelligence agency has been trying to attract people in Basra to use them on special occasions and on missions.

Saudi Arabia has also monitored security and police vehicles and the critical location infrastructure in the province with the help of the people who had recruited.

According to information from these audio files, information collected from Basra was provided to an officer named 'Abu Khaled al-Sa'udi,' whom the mission of Basra was assigned to.

The Saudi officer wanted from one recruited element to shoot films about security forces and their positions in one of the files.

According to one audio file in a conversation between Saudi intelligence officer and an Iraqi, the Iraqi side informed him of the arrival of a battalion of the security forces in Basra, and the Saudi officer further asked him to find out where and how the forces were settled to make photos and videos.

The Saudi officer talks about on the position of the Iraqi forces against the Al-Zubair bridge and the location of the centers of al-Hashd al-Sha'bi forces, and calls on the Iraqi spy to ask what kind of al-Hashd ul-Sha'bi centers are and whether they are training centers or not, and whether these headquarters are either main or secondary.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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