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Iraqi analyst blasts PM approach to US sanctions on Iran

Tehran, Some southern Iraqi provinces will face severe shortage in food, said an Iraqi analyst in reaction to Prime Minister Heidar al-Abadi's saying Iraq will follow the US in sanctioning Iran.

'US sanctions on Iran and Turkey will have a very negative effect on Iraq. Tehran-Baghdad trade reaches about $13 billion a year,' Ebrahim al-Seraji told Sputnik.

Referring to the presence of Iranian companies in the oil, gas and power plants, he said, 'Iraq's following the US sanctions on Iran will severely harm the Iraqi economy.'

He said that one third of the Iraq market belongs to Iranian and Turkish goods, adding, 'Iran's vast security support for the Iraqi forces, especially Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), will harm the security and military cooperation.'

He added that Iraq cannot say no to the US, and on the other hand, Iran will pass through the sanctions because 80% of the Iranian oil is exported to China, India, and North Korea.

Saying that the US has proposed to replace Iranian goods with Saudi ones, he said, 'It will take time and also the southern provinces of Iraq have sanctioned the Saudi goods.'

The recent remarks of the Iraqi prime minister were criticized by people, political leaders, parties and figures of Iraq.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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