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Iraqi Forces Kill Over 70 Daesh Terrorists in Iraq’s Kirkuk: Official

The Governor of Iraqi city of Kirkuk has said on Monday that 74 ISIL terrorists have been killed by local Iraqi police this weekend during a major concerted terrorist attack on the oil-rich city.

While ISIL (Daesh/ISIS/IS) has been mostly routed from the provincial capital, the terrorist group still maintains a small presence inside the city, said the Governor of Kirkuk, Najmaddine Karim, Al Masdar reported.

As a result of their surprise attack this weekend, the ISIL has forced the local police in Kirkuk to tighten the security around the city in fear of a possible future assault.

The ISIL's assault inside of Kirkuk proved to be unwanted distraction for the Iraqi and Kurdish armed forces, as the need to restore security in city became a top priority.

Source: Al Alam

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