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Iraqi Friday prayer leaders emphasize solidarity with Iran

Baghdad, Friday prayer leaders from different cities of Iraq criticized Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar Al Ebadi's recent stance on Trump's anti-Iran acts and condemned US.

Friday prayer leader of Najaf, Ayatollah Sheikh Abdolkarim Al Sa'aedi, criticized Al Ebadi's position and said Iraqis are waiting for a government led by a powerful and brave person.

He added that 'we are waiting for changes in current Iraqi government who, as advised by the senior Iraqi religious authority, should be powerful and brave'.

He criticized Heidar Al Ebadi's recent vague view who said 'Iraq does not comply with the US sanctions against Iran, but it is obliged to because of Iraq's national interests'.

Iran helped Iraq in hard days, he reiterated.

Meanwhile, Kazemein religious authority Ayatollah Sheykh Mohammad Mehdi Khalesi said that it is surprising that some authorities admit sanctions while acknowledging that they are cruel.

They said that this action is taken against corruption while admitting unilateral and intrusive sanctions is the greatest corrupt and authorities must keep it away from Islamic nation and specially Iraq, Khalesi said.

He added that anti-Iran sanctions are part of cruel Deal of the Century which is followed up by the US president, racist Zionists and other regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other dictatorships around Persian Gulf.

Zionist regime's brutal attacks on Gaza and other regions have been originated from the Deal of the Century and politicians should be aware and resist it, Khalesi added.

Friday prayer leader of central mosque of Baratha in Baghdad, Ayatollah Sheykh Jalaledin Al Saghir also called Al Ebadi's stance on US sanctions as paradoxical and said that adhering to the sanctions is against constitution.

He added that accepting the sanctions while most of the countries have rejected trump's decision is surprising.

Iran have always taken honest stances about Iraq , Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Al Heidari said. He assured that Trump's recent action about Iran will fail.

Ayatollah Seyed Hasan Alzamoli, the Friday prayer of Divanieh also said that Iran is being punished just because of defending the oppressed. The silence of Arab and Islamic countries about Trump's decision is surprising.

It is surprising that Al Ebadi complied with economic sanctions on Iran in order to achieve prime minister position.

In addition to Iraqi politicians, party and group leaders who criticized Al Ebadi's position, condemned Trump's anti-Iran actions and expressed their solidarity with Iranian government and people, social network users reacted by creating trends on Twitter.

Ayatollah Seyed Taghi Modaresi, an Iraqi religious authority, warned on Friday against making rift between Iran and Iraq.

He said that some are making mischief between Iraqi nation and their brothers in Iran. The connection between Iraqi nation and their Iranian brothers is much stronger than these conspiracies and 'we will never forget the assistance of our brothers in difficult days of fighting terrorism and bad economic conditions'.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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