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Iraqi Hashd Al-Shaabi Forces Cut off ISIS Escape Roads from Mosul

Iraqi Popular Forces of Hashd al-Shaabi continued their advances against ISIS terrorists in Western Mosul, taking control over most of the roads used by the Takfiri terrorists to move to Eastern Syria.

"Hashd al-Shaabi forces have significantly advanced towards the town of Tal Afar and have taken back more regions in Western Mosul. They continue their advances towards Tal Afar," the source said.

"The ISIL terrorists in the villages bordering Tal Afar have retreated from their potions after their commanders escaped," the source said.

"Hashd al-Shaabi fighters also destroyed four ISIS positions in the village of al-Fas West of Mosul," the source added.

Field sources said earlier today that Special forces of the Iraqi Army troops have completed siege of ISIL terrorists in the strategic al-Karama district in Southeastern Mosul city, adding the district as well as the Radio and Television building have fallen into hand of the government forces.

"Only a few number of ISIL terrorists have remained in al-Karama district and the rest have retreated the district under the heavy offensive of the Iraqi army soldiers," the sources said.

"Unknown snipers gunned down three ISIS commanders in al-Karama," the sources added.

"Scores of ISIL commanders are fleeing Mosul in non-military vehicles to evade airstrikes," they added, FNA reported.

Source: Al Alam

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