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Iraqi Kurdistan people buying Persian carpets

Erbil, The depreciation of the rial against dollar has given a new boom to the Iranian carpets market in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, so that the volume of carpet imports from Iran to the Kurdistan region has multiplied several times.

Following the fall in the value of the rial against the dollar and the drop in the price of Persian carpets, Iraqi Kurdish citizens, having attended the carpet sales centers, buying this popular Iranian product, have boomed the market for the sale of Iranian handmade carpets in Kurdistan.

Formerly, we sold Persian carpets at the size of 12 meters for $ 800 to $ 900, but now the rates have almost halved, Dalir Mohammad, a carpet businessman in Erbil, told IRNA correspondent.

He added that although prices have increased in Iran, the Iranian carpet is now more accessible to the Iraqi Kurdistan people than the past, and the volume of purchases has increased significantly.

The carpet businessman added, Persian carpets have a special reputation around the world for this purpose, the Iraqi Kurdish citizens are also interested in bringing their homes to Iranian rugs, and now it's time for people to easily have Iranian carpets in their own homes.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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