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Iraqi Little Boy Recruited by ISIS Reveals Terrorists’ Camps Secrets

An Iraqi Child revealed his experience when he was recruited by ISIS terror group and forced into a brutal training, according to a video released by Alsumaria News.

The child, Mohamed, said that ISIS recruited and forced him to join the ranks of the so-called 'Cubs of Caliphate', and added that the extremist group is sending children to the front lines after subjecting them to cruel training, and giving them authority to even kill their parents.

Mohamed also revealed that ISIS members take children from mosques, brainwash them and train them which involves breaking sticks on their stomachs and tiles on their heads before sending them to execute missions.

The child, who was talking while covering his head and face, said that parents and families who refused to send their child to training camps suffered harsh punishment and that some children carried out executions and slaughters.

The terrorist group also took hundreds of children before fleeing neighborhoods east of Mosul, half of them died and the other half was taken to Syria, Mohamed explained.

Source: Al Alam

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