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Iraqi official: Iran-Iraq solidarity resulted in Mosul liberation

Ammar Hakim made the remarks in a meeting Tuesday with Iran's Parliament (Majlis) Speakr Ali Larijani, referring to Iran's support for Iraq and other countries in fight against terrorism.

Iraqi forces fighting the terrorist group Daesh have recently retaken nearly the full control of Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq.

The city fell under control of Daesh in June 10, 2014. Then, vast areas of six other Iraqi provinces, as well as some other parts of the Nineva Province, the capital of which is Mosul, fell down and Daesh reached Baghdad's suburbs.

Daesh, which was trying to restrict revolutionary forces, turned into an opportunity for the nations engaged in war against terrorism, since the people of these countries had to adopt defense strategies and strengthen themselves, Hakim added.

In a small part of Iraq, where some people thought they could attain the rights they sought, the same people have now realized that extremism by Takfiri groups cannot help them, Hakim said, adding that the only way of making a strong country and exercizing one's rights passes through unity with each other.

Some countries supporting the terrorist groups that wanted to manipulate them politically, are currently struggling with serious problems, he affirmed, noting that the Iraqi people, with their self-sacrifice culture, manage to overcome Daesh.

The achievements should not distract us from other challenges ahead, he went on to emphasize the country's integrity. Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis should live under a single flag in Iraq, Hakim said.

Iraq's disintegration would not be confined to the country, rather it would make the whole region involved, according to the Iraqi official.

Any disintegration would benefit those who have always been seeking division among people; Israel that has always craved for a base in the Middle East supports the idea of holding referendum in order to disintegrate Iraq and inflict division among them.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency � IRNA

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