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Iraqi officials stress role of culture in bilateral ties

Baghdad, Iraqi officials emphasized the role of cultural ties between Iraq and Iran in boosting the relations between the two countries in other areas.

Shafiq Mahdi, the director-general of the department of Cinema and Theatre in Iraq's ministry of culture hailed a series of Iranian arts exhibition in Iraq, and emphasized that enhancement of cultural relations between the two countries' officials is the underlying cause of holding such exhibitions.

The Iraqi official, who was speaking in a meeting with a number of Iranian artists, expressed hope that the ties continue to be strengthened.

Cultural cooperation between the two countries' peoples can deepen the productive bilateral relations of Iraq and Iran, he said.

The Iranian delegation also met with Fallah al-Ani, head of public and international relations department of Iraq's ministry of culture and tourism.

He said the two countries' artists are seeking friendly relations based on the rich culture, art and civilizations of Iran and Iraq.

The Iraqi official described Iran's archeological sites, such as Persepolis, and those of Iraq, such as Babylon, as symbols of the historical identities of the two countries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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