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Iraqi president highlights Rouhani’s visit to Iraq

Baghdad, Iraqi President Barham Salih underlined significance of his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani's visit to Baghdad and bilateral ties.

He made the remarks while talking to several Iraqi TV networks and on the eve of President Rouhani's upcoming visit to Iraq.

I held complicated talks with Iranian officials during my visit to Tehran and discussed many issues, President Salih said.

Ties with Iran is important to us and I said in every country I visited recently that having good ties with Iran is in line with Iraq's interests, the Iraqi president added.

Iraq has paid a lot for the tensions in the region and it favors relations based on respecting sovereignty and mutual interests, he said.

Iran and Iraq have more than 1,400 kilometers of common borders and they boast of numerous historic, cultural and social commonalities, President Salih said.

Iran hosted Iraqi refugees as it played a crucial role in the recent war against Daesh, he said.

During the meeting with President Rouhani, the 1975 Agreement as well as TehranBaghdad relations were discussed, he said, describing the Agreement 1975 as a legacy passed on from the past.

Talks are underway between the two countries and we are waiting for Rouhani's trip, the Iraqi president said, hoping that the talks would lead to agreements in favor of both sides.

Stressing significance of dialogue for solving regional issues, he said, Our relations with Iran has never been against our ties with the Arab world and Persian Gulf states or other countries, as we consider good ties with all in favor of Iraq.

Iraq can serve as a bridge for building better ties among regional states and this will benefit both Iraq and region, he said.

Iraq's policy is that it will not be part of political polarization, as we are trying to keep Iraq away from the vain conflicts and tensions, Salih said.

Iraqi government's logic is clear and equal against all whether it be Persian Gulf states, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, Italy and the US, he stressed.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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