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Iraqi Troops Arrest ISIS Militant Trying to Disguise as Volunteer Forces in Salahuddin Province

Iraq's joint military forces arrested several ISIS terrorists in Salahuddin province as they were trying to infiltrate into the ranks of the country's volunteer forces as Hashd al-Shaabi members.

A group of ISIS terrorists disguised as volunteer forces to infiltrate into Touz Khormato Battalion in Salahuddin province, but they were identified and arrested.

The security forces who had received prior intel ambushed the terrorists and captured them.

Speaking to FNA, a battlefield source said that the ISIL terrorists have changed their battling tactics and now try to disguise as Iraqi forces to infiltrate the pro-government troops.

The arrested terrorists admitted that they intended to kill the members of Touz Khormato Battalion of volunteer forces in Salahuddin province.

In a relevant development in late October, an Iraqi security source revealed that many ISIL militants have begun to wear the Peshmerga forces' uniforms inside the city of Mosul and have shaved their beards for fear of being targeted as Iraqi joint forces continued their advanced toward the ISIL-held city.

"Many militants of the ISIS terror group have wear the military uniforms of the Peshmerga forces for camouflage and to divert the suspicion from them within the city of Mosul, a security source said, Badr News reported.

The source added that Most of the ISIL terrorists have also begun to shave their beards for fear of being targeted.

It is said that ISIS uses the civilians as human shields in the district of Talkef which is besieged by the security forces.

Source: Al Alam

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