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Iraq’s Hakim announces new political party

Baghdad, July 25, Head of Iraqi National Alliance has announced the launch of a new political party in Iraq, emphasizing the country's need to enjoy a political movement proportionate to its challenges.

Ammar al-Hakim in a speech, addressing Iraqi people Monday night, said that the country needs a political party to manage to address the challenges it is facing now, a party that heals the wounds and build confidence.

The new party, called National Wisdom Movement, is based on moderation, the Iraqi politician added.

Noting that Iraq needs to be led by qualified people, relying on the country's capabilities and its people, he urged that, 'to pursue the goal, we extend the hand of cooperation to everybody.'

Ensuring that the National Wisdom Movement would cooperate with all Iraqi noble people, President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq emphasized that the party would take part in elections irrespective of sectarian rivalries.

'The party believes in free-market economy and welcomes investments to provide the youth with job opportunities and a bright future,' he stressed.

Women and their issues are among priorities, according to him.

As to foreign policy, the National Wisdom Movement believes that Iraq is a bridge for communication, not a battlefield, he said.

'We will try to reach understanding with every country in the region,' he said, urging efforts to stop foreign meddlers.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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