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IRGC says defense power serving peace, security

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says it is after promoting peace in the region, stressing that the Islamic Republic's defense power serves as a security-building factor for the nation and guarantees its safety.

On Tuesday, IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad-Ali Jafari said Iran has successfully worked to bring about collective security in the region through concentration on Islamic unity and the interests of regional nations.

Today, the enemy cannot but acknowledge this success and try to adjust itself to Iran's frameworks, said the senior military official.

Jafari further praised the Islamic Republic's superior power in the region as a valuable asset for the country and said this currently serves one of the most important security-building factors for the Iranian nation.

I say [this] in a loud voice that the Corps is after peace. But peace comes about and lasts in circumstances when the enemies are frightened of waging a war against us and weary of its consequences, added the commander

He further said the IRGC does not favor war and is not against interactions with the world, but that peace does not come about merely through negotiations.

We are faced with an enemy that only understands the language of force. So we cannot speak with them in a tongue they do not understand, and [yet] expect to achieve result, Jafari added.

He also touched on Riyadh's destructive regional policies amid numerous reports of its support for terror groups, saying the kingdom is about to turn into a terrorist state in the region.

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I concur with this viewpoint held by [Iranian] authorities that it would be better for such countries not to try to become the region's superior power as this [endeavor] will only result in obloquy and hassle for [both] themselves and others, the commander asserted.

Jafari further announced he had been reinstated as the IRGC commander for another three years.

Source: Press TV

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