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IRGC spokesman: IRGC rules out any independent ground warfare in Syria

Tehran, Aug 16, The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps spokesman Brigadier General Ramazan Sharif said on Wednesday that the IRGC never conducted any independent ground warfare in Syria.

IRGC is to kick a very tough revenge against Daesh in Syria for Mohsen Hojajji's martyrdom and other defenders of holy shrines in Iraq and Syria in due time, he said.

Almayadeen news channel said on Wednesday that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps started the operations against Daesh in Syria to take revenge of Mohsen Hojajji's martyrdom.

The statement announces that the operation will go on until total annihilation of the terrorists.

In response to the news, Sharif said the IRGC is determined to continue its military advisory services to Syrian army and its people till eradication of Takfiri terrorist groups, the IRGC spokesman said.

The IRGC never held independent ground warfare in Syria, he underlined.

Earlier this day, a foreign media claimed that IRGC forces have launched a military operation inside Syrian territory against Daesh terrorist group to take revenge of Mohsen Hojajji's martyrdom.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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