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IRNA Chief stresses fighting fake news

Tehran, Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Zia Hashemi emphasized countering production of fake news.

Hashemi made the remarks in an interview with Russian Think Tank Valdai Discussion Club.

'Actually, the term 'fake news' is not something we can call really new. As we can see, news of such sort has always been present throughout the world, Hashemi said.

Nowadays mass media, especially global news agencies, tend to be very active. Due to that, I suppose, it is quite equivalent that fake news continues to emerge, he added.

Referring to the emergence of social media, Hashemi said now there are many social media, which have a wide array of possibilities for such fake news to be published easily on a number of websites'.

So we live in a world where it takes little time to publish anything in the social media, he noted.

Hashemi went on to say that fake news is not an exception, and it is going to become a vital issue globally'.

Elaborating on the ways to fighting fake news, he said professional communities of the world should implement the most modern and effective technologies'.

I think we have enough resources to resist fake news. One of the possibilities we should consider is cooperation among international media, he added.

Another way for professional communities to prevent fake news maybe responding to them promptly and honestly. This way such fake news won't be given any space for action and further development, he reiterated.

Because of this, I think we are having a problem like this and actually we can do nothing with fake news emerging in the world today. The professional media should consider those two possible solutions I have just mentioned, Valdai quoted Hashemi as saying.

'Firstly I suggest that we should react promptly,' he said, adding that the second thing is that news should always be truthful.

Hashemi reiterated that this is why present circumstances may also include some new challenges for journalists.

'On the other hand, the abovementioned situation may be considered as another opportunity for professional growth,' he added.

IRNA chief further said that there have always been challenges like these and professionals will inevitably face them again and again.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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