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ISESCO donates $50,000 to floodhit schools

Tehran, Director General of ISESCO agreed to allocate $50,000 of deferred membership fee of the Islamic Republic of Iran to help floodhit schools and said this amount will be deducted from Iranian debt to this organization.

ISESCO, Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization affiliated to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation was established in the year 1979.

ISESCO DirectorGeneral Salem Mohammad alMalik in a telephone call on Wednesday with Gholamreza Karimi, Deputy Minister of Education for International Affairs and SecretaryGeneral of the National Commission of ISESCO in Iran, praised the activities of the National Commission of Iran.

He announced the commission's readiness to help further the plans of Islamic countries and called for greater cooperation in this regard.

The Director General of ISESCO proposed to set up a fund in the organization to meet its needs so that, in the event of nonpayment or delayed payment of membership dues, ISESCO can use the proceeds of its fund to further its plans, which was also welcomed by the SecretaryGeneral of the Commission in Iran.

Salem Mohammed also called for the involvement of benefactor and financially welloff individuals and institutions and foundations with the financial ability to assist ISESCO and advance its programs.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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