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ISIS brides are ordered back to Britain as thugs face oblivion in Syria and Iraq

ISIS fanatics waging war in Syria are ordering British ISIS brides to return to the UK as they plan for a bloody final stand in their terror heartlands.

(thesun) -- Members of the bloodthirsty death cult are facing oblivion in Syria and Iraq � and are now focusing their attention on preparing for what they believe will be a spectacular series of battles eventually sparking the end of the world.

As a result, as many as 10 British ISIS brides and their traumatised kids have already made into the UK � and there are potentially dozens more female fanatics plotting a return to our shores.

Female terrorists are currently deserting ISIS' so-called caliphate in vast numbers � with most disillusioned by vile living conditions and the terror thugs' harsh interpretation of extreme interpretation of religious law.

Others are being sent home by their fighter husbands whose focus has shifted from building an "Islamic empire" in the Middle East, to desperately defending the dwindling number of towns and villages under their control.

Among those who've snuck back into Britain are at least 10 women and their children, according to both counter-terror sources and an ex-member's bride, the Telegraph reports.

Many of these often young women set off for Syria in the wake of the sickening series of filmed beheadings of Western hostages by ISIS' British exectioner-in-chief "Jihadi John", who has since been killed himself.

Although they are now back in Britain, many will no doubt still harbour the same extreme views and hatred of Western values that inspired them to abandon their comfortable lives to live under ISIS' bloody rule.

One German ISIS bride, who has since left the group but continues to live in a rebel-held area of Syria, told the Telegraph that she knew of at least 30 to 35 European women who had returned home this year alone.

Calling herself Umm Aisha, she said: Dozens of the women have left ISIS areas and tried to get to Turkey since the beginning of the year, including about five-10 Britons.

Source: Al-Alam News Network

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