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ISIS Burns Alive 9 Own Militants for Escaping Mosul Battlefield

ISIS executed nine of its own members by throwing them into trenches of hot oil and burning them to death after they tried to flee the battle raging around Mosul.

The city is the terror group's last major stronghold in Iraq and last week government forces launched an offensive to liberate the area.

So far around 90 villages and towns under ISIS control have been freed in the past week and in some parts, coalition forces are just three miles from the center of Mosul.

According to Al Sumaria News, nine ISIS fighters who tried to flee Mosul were captured by their commanders and tied by their hands and legs.

Afterwards, they were thrown into trenches containing burning oil and killed.

Burning the oil trenches around Mosul is one of the tactics adopted by the terror group in a bid to fight off government forces advancing on the city.

They believe the large fires and vast amounts of smoke impede the vision of Iraqi and US jets who are helping in the battle.

Terrorists have also lined many of the towns and villages on the way to the city with IEDs and booby traps while preparing for the onslaught.

In addition they have also launched surprise attacks elsewhere in Iraq in places such as Kirkuk in a bid to distract the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces from Mosul.

On the ninth day of the offensive on Mosul, government forces and allied Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are still fighting their way towards the city's outer limits, in the early stages of an assault which could become the biggest military operation in Iraq in over a decade, Daily Mail reported.

Source: Al Alam

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